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Mount Pleasant Village, Washington, DC: Celebrating the opportunities and meeting the challenges of aging
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Being connected as a member of Mount Pleasant Village creates opportunities to enjoy group activities, make new friends, and obtain reliable information on many important different topics , while also creating a place to turn in time of need - whether as a member, volunteer, or donor (or all three!). Members have access to a range of services and benefits that help them live independently for the long term as part of a vibrant supportive neighborhood.  JOIN US NOW!

The membership fee for Mount Pleasant Village is $50 per person/$100 per couple
Ways to Join
-Download, complete and sign a Membership Form (1) and send along with your payment to:
  Mount Pleasant Village
  1735 Lamont St. NW
  Washington, DC 20010
-Join online and pay by credit card right here:  Member Signup / Information
For additional information, contact