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Need help with getting papers or bills organized? Or changing light bulbs?
Raking leaves?
Shoveling snow? Gardenwork? We are only too happy to help,
either once in a while or on a reg
ularly scheduled basis!




Need transportation to a medical or dental appointment?
Or to go shopping? We can give you a ride (with a second person to help if necessary)!





Do you have trouble getting out, especially in poor weather?
We can do your shopping, pick up packages, prescriptions, or mail!


Computer & Electronics

Having trouble with email? Or Word? Or spreadsheets? Or with setting
up your computer, printer, or TV set? We have a number of tech-savvy
volunteers to give you some help - by phone or at your home!



How Do I Request Help? 

It's simple, just call 202-573-7541 to leave your name, number, and
service request or e-mail Give as much
notice as you can. A volunteer will contact you within 24 hours. Any questions feel free
to contact us via the email address above!

How Do I Volunteer? 

Would you like to help support the Village by volunteering your time in
one of the above categories? If so, please e-mail
and we will e-mail you an application.