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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a committee of the Board that attends to matters relating to Village governance, including the following specific items:
  • Develops and implements guidelines for cultivating leadership and planning succession; recruits new Board members using the same; and holds elections
  • Develops, compiles, and keeps current a set of descriptions, policies, procedures, and other significant documents into a Board Manual that serves as foundational knowledge for the Board decisions
  • Works with operational committees to establish committee charters, policies, and procedures to align with Village mission and protect Village interests
  • Develops and implements procedures for presenting, approving, updating, evaluating, and sharing the Board Manual so that it reflects the status of the Village as it evolves
  • Orients new Board members as they take office
  • Develops and executes a procedure for evaluating the structure and effectiveness of the Board
  • Assists the Board in periodically updating and clarifying the Strategic Plan

All members of the Governance Committee are Board members.