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Finance Committee


The Finance Committee assures the fiduciary health of the Village of Mount Pleasant as guided by the Village bylaws and policies and procedures.  Specifically, the Finance Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, is responsible for the following:
  • Developing and implementing appropriate internal control procedures and reviewing/changing those procedures as necessary
  • Preparing the annual operating and capital budgets for submission to and approval by the Board of Directors; this budget is prepared using numbers provided by committee chairpersons.
  • Reviewing the budget periodically as outlined
  • Managing the bank account and associated financial accounting software and reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Tracking cash transactions
  • Proposing insurance and risk management programs and implementing the programs with the approval of the Board
  • Managing compliance with Washington, D.C., exempt organization filing requirements and license
  • Reviewing all aspects of financial policies and procedures periodically to make sure they are consistent with the current size and direction of the Village