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Village Video Cell Phone Profiles

Here’s one way to while away the DC lockdown: by viewing—and contributing your own—cell Village Video cell phone profiles here on the Mount Pleasant Village website ( 

Join the Village Video cell phone profiles. Have fun and learn a thing or two about your neighbors Contribute a 1-to-2-minute short reflection, a brief anecdote, a mini-documentation of a personal reality.  Be sure to shoot your video in a landscape/horizontal format. Then sent it to Rick Reinhard.  Send it the same way you send videos to family, by email to  or text to 202-494-4447. 

Or try using the free download at or Videos can be shot in a couple of segments (not too many!) and Rick will edit and compile them. (Rick is learning video-editing on the fly.)

Vivian Ling and Dylan on Chinese New Year Feb 9, 2021

Lipton Trio Porch Concert Feb 6 2021

Rick’s musings on philosophy and his grandson!

Michael’s vaccination tale


Rick Gets His First COVID Shot Jan 16 2021

Courtney Arnold Joins the Vaccinated (Video by Leo Sanchez)

A Meditation on Masks

Olivia and Michelle delivering good cheer to their cluster (Video by Vivian Ling)