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Village Video Cell Phone Profiles


Here’s one way to while away the DC lockdown: by viewing—and contributing your own—cell Village Video cell phone profiles here on the Mount Pleasant Village website ( 

Join the Village Video cell phone profiles. Have fun and learn a thing or two about your neighbors Contribute a 1-to-2-minute short reflection, a brief anecdote, a mini-documentation of a personal reality.  Be sure to shoot your video in a landscape/horizontal format. Then sent it to Rick Reinhard.  Send it the same way you send videos to family, by email to  or text to 202-494-4447. 

Or try using the free download at or Videos can be shot in a couple of segments (not too many!) and Rick will edit and compile them. (Rick is learning video-editing on the fly.)

Neighbors Helping Neighbors World Central Kitchen Food Aid

Our Old Oak Tree Comes Down




Alley Concert

Alley Graduation Parade


Rebecca Medrano

Cathy Sunshine

Trombones on Harvard

Josephine Escalante


Neighbors Help Three Baby Hawks

Three Baby Hawks from Rick Reinhard on Vimeo.

Granny Julie Byrne Gets a Smile

Granny Julie Byrne Gets a Smile from Rick Reinhard on Vimeo.

Klingle Triangle Social Distance Exercise

200408 Margaret Goodman Talks About Klingle Triangle from Rick Reinhard on Vimeo.


200429 Judy Byron Replenishment from Rick Reinhard on Vimeo.

Meet Alison Rosenberg, a Neighbors Helping Neighbors volunteer, and new Villager Bill Panici at the Saturday Farmers’ Market.





Have an idea? Watch the Rick's video below and develop your own video/movie and we will feature it on the Village website.



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